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Things your doctor won't say during delivery

There are certain things your doctor wont say to you when you are admitted to the hospital for delivery. Find what are they here

Your baby's size is not as large as you may be afraid of.

If your care taker says the size of the baby is large its only predicted approx and not accurate.

Most of the time the baby weights normal, If your pregnancy has been healthy then its not a matter of worry.
And even if your baby size is large your body might be capable of going through it because it is designed to.

Going for a shower
Its not required to take shower/Bath before the delivery. Doctors don't care whether you take a bath or not.

Yes its ok to eat before Labor
You might not feel much like eating in between contractions, but if you’re hungry, you should.
You might not be interested in having food in between contaction and if you feel like hungry then you can because your body needs to be hydrated and well nourished and it does help your body work better. But it does depend on specific cases.

Its ok to poop or vomit during labor.
Even though many women are afraid of pooping or vomiting during labor. Your doctors and nurses are wellaware and know its normal and they just do not care. So there is nothing to be affraid of it.

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