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Is Cost of Anti Cancer Drugs viable for Average Indian

Knowing how expensive cancer drugs are in the market, How can a average Indian afford such high cost of medication.



 A disease which is still a major challenge even for  today's technologically progressive medical industry. 


 Why? well you have thousands of website's explaining the  complexity of the cancer disease affecting your body, but the  intentions of this post is not that.


 Well most of you would be aware how expensive is certain  cancer medication compared to others and the main reason  would be patent's from major multinational corporations.





         To a few of you saying "well not all cancer medications are expensive!" to answer your question absolutely yes in fact india is famous for breaking the famous evergreen patent that is still practiced in western countries and creating a name to the world calling her self the "The Pharmacy of the World". Still india is considered one of the great markets for generic drugs.


Majority of the medicines would cost a fraction in india than what it would cost in US. Say for example a drug named geftinib would cost $.119.17 in the us while in india the same medicine would cost Rs.196.6 as on 01/12/2016.


Mind blowing isn't it?. After Indian supreme court judgement on early 2013 broke many patent that boosted indian generic manufacturers.


Question's running in your mind "then what is stopping from our government to break all patents and make all drugs cheap?"


Well that will make the average indian the happiest in the world but technically that would be a disaster. why?Simple two points

Kill local R&D Facilities(No market, No FDI)

Will make all foreign pharma companies run out of our country resulting in no flow of latest inventions and cure.


So coming back to the question Is anti cancer drugs viable for average indian? Answer is Definitely No! Following the above "Will Anti Cancer drugs ever be viable for average indians" Answer is Maybe yes!


If the government invests significantly in Local R&D and come up with more inventions or growth in our economy making the per  capita earning of average india much higher matching to the level of the developed nations.


Can anything be done now?


Yes! has come up with an idea. Forget buying phones,laptops,cars,homes in EMI, Now with people can buy expensive medication in EMI.


From expensive medicines to surgical devices you can buy and pay in monthly installment. Medzstore with the help of Axis and Kotak Mahindra bank is providing customers to pay for their purchase in monthly installment from 3,6,9,12 months.


Medzstore is working to expand with further more banks from the response from its users.


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