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Honey for diabetic patients

Can honey be a healthy choice for diabetes? This article discuss about various uses of honey that might help diabetic patients

Is Honey a Healthy Choice for Diabetics?


Honey better substitute for sugar

There is a major difference between honey and sugar. Even though both of these act as a sweetener to the food you take
the results are not same. Honey is considered a better substitute for sugar since it does not raise blood sugar as glucose and fructose does. We find diabeic patients are generally
attracted to sugar but due to their health complication their tendency to taste are restricted. As a gift to these patients Honey replaces sugars place with a spoon of honey gives tremendous sweet taste satisfaction.

Honey does lowers bad cholesterol

Honey helps maintain diet

Honey helps you maintain diet it does fills your stomach quiet a long time hence helps you avoid taking additional food and also avoid more calories than you what your body actually need.

Honey helps sleep
Diabetic patients have often tendency to urinate, Irregular sleep breaks in night. Honey improves mental acuity which results in better sleep.

Honey contains a number of mineral elements such as copper, potassium, chromium, manganese, zinc, selenium, calcium and many. Chromium plays a significant role in reduction of elevated blood glucose level in the body. Each of the minerals have various key roles that they play in our body.

Overall Honey is a anti-diabetic agent which is effective and beneficial if combined with conventional anti-diabetic therapy.

So finally, Is Honey a Healthy Choice for Diabetics? Its time to ask your doctor on your next visit.

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